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                1. 干線運輸外包的新選擇與新機遇

                  來源:本站作者:admin 日期:2017-07-18 10:42:18 瀏覽:
                       In recent years, the trend of trunk transportation outsourcing has become more and more obvious. The whole network of express delivery, LTL, contract logistics enterprises, and E-commerce companies such as Gome, Vipshop, and Jingdong are releasing a large number of trunk transportation needs, some regional The strength of the logistics company with strong strength, the pace of self-built fleet is also gradually slowing down.
                  Outsourcing of trunk transportation has two obvious benefits for logistics companies.
                  First, reduce the cost of car purchases and labor costs. The price of domestic heavy trucks is basically 30-400,000 yuan, and the price of imported trucks is up to millions of yuan. At the same time, the monthly salary of heavy-duty truck drivers is about 10,000 yuan. The cost of purchasing cars and the cost of drivers have become a factor that cannot be ignored.
                  Second, improve the flexibility of capacity. Due to the geographical imbalance and uneven time of the supply, it is inevitable that the self-built fleet will have idle capacity, and the external vehicle can greatly improve the flexibility of the transportation.
                  More and more network-wide express delivery, LTL companies, large enterprises and regional logistics companies continue to release trunk transportation demand, and put forward higher requirements for the qualification, service level and capacity of the transportation supplier. To a certain extent, it has become a good opportunity for the intensive development of the trunk transportation market. This kind of opportunity is like the huge demand and market opportunity released by the express delivery industry for the development of e-commerce.
                  More than a decade ago, the rapid development of e-commerce created huge demand for express delivery and accelerated the transformation of the express delivery industry. Seizing this opportunity and promoting standardization has made today's express giants such as Santong Yida and Baishi.
                  For the trunk transportation market, standardization construction is also a prerequisite for large-scale development, and it is also a key factor in capturing the demand for trunk transportation released by large and medium-sized enterprises. The application of the Internet and big data technology has become an important technical force for the standardization of trunk transportation.
                  Internet technology is gradually changing the opaque information of the past trunk transportation market. It is possible to organize capacity on a large scale through Internet technology. Through the accumulation of transaction data, the high-capacity capacity can undertake more high-quality sources of supply, and the capacity resources of default and default are gradually eliminated. The application of Internet technology is gradually changing the situation of acquaintance transactions in the trunk transportation market to maintain trust. At the same time, the transparency of capacity reduces the subcontracting and reduces the transportation cost.
                  As an Internet trading platform focusing on the inter-city vehicle transportation market, Fuyou Truck has a unique broker bidding model with more than 25,000 high-quality brokers as the link, which has accumulated more than 220,000 truck driver resources and can provide various general cargo transportation needs. The model covers 30 provinces and municipalities across the country. Moreover, as a trading platform, Fuyou Truck has accumulated a large amount of real transaction data, and is committed to using data to create freight rates, service standards and credit standards.
                  At present, Fuyou Truck has reached an inter-city vehicle transportation business cooperation with well-known logistics companies such as SF, China Merchants Logistics, Kerry Chase, Rishun, Baishi, Yuantong, Debon, Aneng, ZJS and Rongqing. The demand for trunk transportation, which is being released by more and more regional large and medium-sized logistics companies, is gathering on the Fuyou truck platform.