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                1. 電子商務環境下企業物流管理的創新

                  來源:本站作者:admin 日期:2017-07-18 10:42:32 瀏覽:
                  With the development of China's economy, e-commerce is gradually applied to logistics management, which makes the management technology and management level of enterprises improve. This also improves the level of logistics management. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment. Innovation.
                  First, the characteristics of enterprise logistics under the e-commerce environment
                  (1) Informatization
                  Informatization is the core content of the era of e-commerce, not only reflected in the means of payment, but also in enterprise logistics. In order to provide better services to customers, enterprises need information processing and information transmission. For those large enterprises, their logistics centers have set up information processing points, so that they can pay attention to the needs of customers, allowing customers to accurately monitor the acquired location through the information system, and be able to prepare for the timely delivery of goods. Reduce the time of delivery of goods and improve the efficiency of logistics management.
                  (2) Networking
                  The network of enterprise logistics management in the new era is mainly the network in the process of logistics information transmission, and also includes the networking in the process of ordering and transportation. The internal network and external network of the enterprise form the enterprise logistics information network, which is an important bridge for the enterprise to contact the upstream suppliers and downstream customers, and is the development trend of modern enterprise logistics management.
                  (3) Humanization
                  The humanization of logistics management under the e-commerce environment is mainly to adapt to the needs of the development of the e-commerce era, and to flexibly implement logistics operations in the production, distribution and other aspects according to the needs of customers. The era of e-commerce requires individualized and rapid development. It is necessary to come to the production activities of professional enterprises according to market requirements, and promote the development of logistics management in the direction of humanization.
                  Second, the innovation of enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment
                  (1) Establishing the innovative concept of enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment
                  In the process of enterprise logistics development under the e-commerce environment, it is necessary to establish the innovative concept of enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment, strengthen the propaganda role of modern logistics technology, build a large framework for enterprise logistics development in the era of e-commerce, and increase logistics informationization in the new era. Aspects of policy building. At present, Western countries have begun to introduce corresponding laws and regulations to support logistics activities and regulate logistics activities. It can learn from the practices of some developed countries abroad. For example, the governments of some European countries actively encourage enterprises to develop electronic information logistics, increase investment in logistics technology research, and conduct research on transportation planning. Therefore, we must formulate corresponding information technology standards, establish corresponding information processing and exchange mechanism, actively guide enterprises to increase investment in e-commerce logistics, build logistics information platform, and improve logistics information network.
                  (II) Innovating logistics management system of logistics enterprises, improving logistics management and its innovation system
                  Throughout the logistics management system of most enterprises, it will be found that the logistics operation process is basically in accordance with the traditional storage and transportation process, which restricts the specific division of labor, and the advantages of enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment Can't play. Therefore, in the new era, new requirements have been put forward for the logistics management of Chinese enterprises. To realize logistics management innovation under the e-commerce environment, there is a sound logistics management system that realizes automation and mechanization in the whole operation process, avoids the mistakes that may be caused by manual operations, and shortens the running time of each stage of logistics. Realize the information construction of the logistics system and continuously improve the efficiency of logistics enterprises.
                  (3) Introducing modern technology to realize intelligent processing of logistics enterprises
                  An important way of innovation in logistics management is intelligence. It can actively attract foreign advanced technology and provide technical support for the innovation of logistics enterprises in China. This is an important direction for the development of e-commerce. In the e-commerce environment, support for enterprise logistics management technologies, such as standardization technology, warehousing technology, communication technology, and query technology. Some advanced countries in foreign countries attach great importance to the research of enterprise logistics technology under e-commerce. For example, companies in the United States will implement electronic data exchange and other technologies in their logistics activities, providing strong support for the development of enterprise logistics. Therefore, for our country, we must increase the research and development of enterprise logistics management technology, use advanced management technology to realize the intelligent operation of enterprise logistics management, and use expert systems to cope with possible problems in innovation and let logistics managers Can master the entire technical process and provide technical support for the development of enterprise logistics in the new era.
                  (4) Cultivate professional logistics innovation management talents and improve the innovation ability of logistics management
                  In the new era, we must increase the training of talents in emergency logistics. We can use the advantages of college personnel training to cultivate professional talents, establish a practice base for talent training, and cooperate with some companies with better reputation. The logistics professionals provide more practical opportunities for logistics students to conduct on-the-spot exercises and strengthen their understanding of the theoretical knowledge of textbooks. In the future work, they can improve their logistics management innovation ability. To ensure that in the e-commerce environment, logistics professionals will play their professional role in future work. Only the cultivation of professional technical talents can innovate the concept of logistics management and realize the innovative practice of logistics management. For enterprises, it is necessary to learn from the experience of logistics management in developed countries and combine the actual situation of enterprises to cultivate new talents with innovative consciousness. It is necessary to strengthen the training of logistics talents, let them go to other enterprises to learn, and also hold corresponding logistics technology exchange meetings. In addition, the implementation of strict logistics personnel assessment and employment system in the enterprise, so that those who have strong capabilities, and master the modern logistics technology and computer network technology, stay in the enterprise and participate in the logistics management of the enterprise.
                  In summary, the rapid development of global economic integration has enabled commodities and other factors of production to flow globally, and as the economy grows, its flow rate is also accelerating. With the development of e-commerce, electronic logistics technology and corresponding data exchange technology have also been applied in enterprise logistics management, which further improves the efficiency of enterprise logistics distribution. In the new era, we must establish the innovative concept of enterprise logistics management under the e-commerce environment, continuously innovate the logistics management system of logistics enterprises, improve the logistics management and its innovation system, actively introduce modern technology, realize the intelligent processing of logistics enterprises, and cultivate professional logistics. Innovate management talents to improve the innovation ability of logistics management.