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                1. 中國快遞行業發展大會召開 簽約額超千億元

                  來源:本站作者:admin 日期:2017-07-18 10:27:22 瀏覽:

                    On May 30th, 2016 China Express Industry (International) Development Conference was held in Beijing. As one of the important contents of the 4th China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair, this conference has signed a strategic cooperation contract with China Express Service, with a total contract value of over 100 billion yuan. A number of cooperation will promote the green development of China's express delivery industry. International development and integration with upstream and downstream industries will play an important role in promoting.
                    China Express Industry Development Conference held a total of more than 100 billion yuan
                    Gao Hongfeng, President of China Express Association, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport, Liu Xiaoming, member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Transport and Director of the Department of Transportation Services, Liu Jun, Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau, and Li Xiong, Deputy General Manager of China Post Group, attended the meeting.
                    Gao Hongfeng pointed out that since the first Beijing International Trade Fair, express delivery service has always been one of the fastest growing and most active highlights. The previous China Express Industry (International) Development Conference has always paid attention to the latest developments in the field of express delivery, which has built an important role for China's express delivery companies. Communication and cooperation platform. It is hoped that the express delivery enterprises will gather consensus through this conference, strengthen their confidence, and work together for the faster and better development of China's express delivery industry.
                    Liu Jun said that the development of the express delivery industry has ushered in an unprecedented major strategic opportunity. In the next five years, it is not only a key period for the express delivery industry to compete for the first-class international level, but also a key period for deepening reform and opening up. It is still a period of narrowing the gap and catching up with development. Express delivery enterprises should firmly establish and fully implement the five development concepts, foster a new engine for industry growth, enhance the overall development and coordination of the development, help the country's ecological civilization construction, enhance the open development level of the industry in an all-round way, and promote the majority of users to have more access. sense.
                    At the meeting, the total contracted amount of the express delivery industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, setting a new record for the previous express service service. More than 20 contracted projects involved in the express industry and domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, financial industry, manufacturing and other industries, as well as scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning, industry associations, multiple strategic cooperation.