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                1. “比價”已成為電商價格大戰的“傳統”

                  來源:本站作者:admin 日期:2017-07-18 10:25:48 瀏覽:
                     In recent years, "price comparison" has become the "tradition" of the e-commerce price war. The "6·18" e-commerce war is approaching, the promotion war has not yet started, and a technical war has been undercurrent.
                  "6·18" did not go to the technical war first
                    Now open the Gome online website, consumers will find a "price comparison" button next to the price information of many products. With the mouse over, the "button" will tell you the price of this item, which is lower than the price of Jingdong or Suning. The data is updated every half hour. This is the "secret weapon" that Gome Online has prepared for this year's "6·18" e-commerce war.
                    This year's "6.18", Gome Online proposed a price difference of 3 times to return, the highest compensation of 300 yuan price commitment, and even welcome "tourists" for price supervision, that is, do not need to buy things, as long as the discovery of Gome online goods than Jingdong expensive, Can get red envelopes.
                    Suning also suggested that the price of Suning Tesco “6·18” should be fully benchmarked against competitors and must be lower than last year’s “Double 11” price. Suning Tesco's self-operated products all refer to the "Double 11" price, and many merchants have joined the team of comprehensive price comparison.
                  Behind the "price comparison", in addition to testing the e-commerce supply chain and the ability to manage commodity prices, there is also a "dark battle" of technical strength.
                    "In the past few days, in order not to let us grab the price, Jingdong has shielded us by technical means." Li Juntao, CEO of Gome Online, said, "But I don't want to play with us." Li Juntao told Beijing Morning News reporter, Gome Online Technology People are "anti-blocking" them. "Soon, we can grab their prices again."
                  E-commerce technology investment in high growth
                  In fact, in addition to price wars, e-commerce marketing, logistics and other aspects of the competition are full of technical competition.
                    Tmall yesterday announced the launch of the "6.18" fan carnival, this year to promote the fan economy. According to Tmall, the conversion rate of brand fans averaged 2.2 times that of the average consumer. And to analyze where fans come from, what they do, what kind of brands they care about, who can become new customers, etc., need powerful data analysis capabilities.
                  Suning also increased its investment in big data. On the 25th of this month, Suning became a sports data company, Chuangbing Technology, and the data collection of a football match can reach 15,000.
                    In this year's "6·18" Jingdong Quality Carnival, Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong said that e-commerce should meet the increasingly demanding demands of consumers for quality and service through technological innovation. For example, in the future, Jingdong can build an unmanned automatic warehouse in Beijing, 100% of which is completed by intelligent machines; use drones to deliver goods in rural areas to solve the problem of logistics in the last mile of rural areas; future customers can give Jingdong authorization, Jingdong The driverless car can travel to the location set by the customer, and through the password interaction, the robot automatically delivers the package to the customer's car trunk.
                    Gome Online Vice President Huang Xiangping told the Beijing Morning Post that at present, Gome Online has more than 2,600 employees, including more than 800 employees in technical support positions. With the fierce competition and the increasingly rational consumers, the rapid growth of e-commerce technology has become the norm for major e-commerce.